andrew – 23 months

Andrew, 23 months old.

I think it’s a little blurry, but it was the best I could do. He is in perpetual motion unless he’s sleeping. He feels deeply, he feels much. He expresses. He is learning his manners. He is talking. He gets stuck with S and R and a few other sounds, but he absolutely gives every word a try with no thought of worry about whether he is perfect in pronunciation. Even words like Diplodocus (a dinosaur) and moisturizer. I love that about him. He still would rather read books than play with toys.

He would rather be outside than inside. He doesn’t like to play by himself, but I’m trying to teach him how. He has an innate respect for property rights. If I tell him that something is someone else’s 95% of the time he respects that designation. That never ceases to surprise me.

He already ears size 8 shoes. In a pinch he can still rock a size 3 diaper. My big little man is tall and slender, just like his Daddy.

The rest of the pictures were variations of this.

He takes every once of my energy every single day. I can’t wait to see what kind of person he has yet to become. I think he’s going to be remarkable.


This is Isaac. He’s every bit as precious as he looks in this picture. Isn’t he the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen? We debate, on a daily basis, whether he is cuter than Andrew was. Today I vote yes. Can I say that on the internet?

i am a photo stealer


Remember when I used to blog all the time? Me neither. I’m typing this one handed while holding a squirmy, not sleeping, but should be sleeping, Isaac. I own a Jumparoo. I didn’t want to get one, but it turned out to be essential to me keeping my sanity. Last week I almost posted about how I thought I had the whole two kids thing down. Good thing I didn’t because, of course, this week has been a gong show. I was wise not to count my chickens.

I’m running on no sleep, no sleep! (Picture Jerry coming out of Kramer’s apartment after having the Kenny Roger’s Roaster’s chicken sign keeping him up!) No sleep makes me irritable and forget to push my toast down in the toaster.

This is of course why blogging happens rarely. The last thing I want to put mental energy into when my kids are asleep is writing about my kids when they are awake. I love them, but Mama needs a break.

So on with it! I had some lovely visitors on Saturday afternoon. Friends from Capernwray visitors!


Here we are! Hailey, Andrew, Sally, Heike (here all the way from Germany!), Isaac and Ruth.

Hailey’s husband Danny took the photo. Hailey sent it to me and I have stolen it for publishment on the internets! They were only here for a short time, but we had a good chat. I am thankful to know such likeable people. I sent them away with a slice of zucchini bread and the hope that Hailey and Danny will move to the Okanagan so I can see them more often!

And now I must return to my regularly scheduled baby wrangling.


evening conversations

After opening his Words With Friends account…
Aaron: I’m going to play so many awesome words.
Sally: What word did you play?
Aaron: I couldn’t think of anything.


Andrew and Isaac – 19 months  and 2.5 weeks old respectively.

Andrew’s most sensible 19 month picture. Andrew is not known for his sensibility.

He’s more known for his giggles and shenanigans.

The picture captures both giggles and shenanigans.

Andrew is starting to talk! I’m pretty sure his first clear word was baby. I’m not so sure he is that into babies anymore as they take up a lot of Mama’s time, but he continues to expand his vocabulary. He says things that sound really close to “all done”, “neck”, “belly”, “daddy” and “mama”.

We have to be really careful with Isaac around Andrew. Andrew is known to take a whack at Isaac’s head or a poke at his eyes. It’s very nerve-wracking! Learning to be gentle is going to be a hard row for him (and us!) to hoe. He occasionally gets to hold Isaac (in a highly supervised environment.) It usually lasts about 10 to 15 seconds and ends with Andrew trying to shove Isaac off of his lap. He has limited patience for things don’t involve the park or running around the house making messes.

However, with increased mischief comes increased cuteness. He’s getting so communicative and very fun. Though we have times that require discipline, we have more times that make me want to snuggle my non-snuggler and tickle his tummy. He loves that!

My little boo, Isaac. Three weeks old.


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